We develop and deliver strategies, initiatives and technologies to grow New Zealand wealth and wellbeing.

The activities we undertake can be either for profit or for charitable purposes, depending in their nature and who benefits. But the motivation underlying all activities is the same – to push New Zealand onwards and upwards.

We will focus on building growth in five streams:


Increasing good health, and emotional and financial security, of all New Zealanders


Uniting all New Zealanders under a common cause to work collaboratively for each other


Enabling all New Zealanders to flourish and grow in positive occupations and workplaces, and feel valued for their contribution


Enhancing the collective protection and enjoyment of New Zealand’s unique place on Earth


Astutely direct and manage how we can increase productivity, investment and growth of our economy

We will work towards achieving the 2040 goal in the following ways:

  1. Searching for ways to achieve growth and communicating these opportunities.
  2. Developing and delivering strategies, initiatives and technologies to drive growth.
  3. Where possible, co-building growth with individuals, communities, companies and government.
  4. Growing a national network of relationships through which strategies, initiatives, technologies and knowledge can be co-produced and shared.

We need you to help realise 2040

  • Help drive success in your community.
  • Contribute your knowledge and expertise to the development of strategies and initiatives.
  • Host events and roll out initiatives within your family, community or organisation.
  • Commit your organisation as fully committed to the well-being of New Zealand.